Lightning strike sparks huge fire at Texas apartment complex causing $7million worth of damage [photos]

A massive fire completely burnt down part of a Texas condominium complex to the ground over the weekend, following a suspected lightning strike. 

Around 7:30am, fire alarms went off at Gulf Point Condominiums as Building 'B' quickly became engulfed in a horrific fire on South Padre Island.

The fire began on the east side of the building before spreading towards the center, NBC News reports.

Firefighters from South Padre Island and three nearby cities rushed to the scene, but substantial damage had already been caused.

Photos from the scene show firefighters attempting to quell the flames with hoses from the parking lot, but building B was essentially leveled.

Several witnesses captured the inferno on camera and shared the tragic footage on Facebook Live.

Massive flames can be seen ravaging the building as dark smoke billows into the air.

'Its a terrible morning on South Padre Island, Texas,' said Ben Hill, who recorded the blazes.

'A piece of is island history is lost,' Mayor Patrick McNulty said during a new conference.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the fire, but the National Weather Service suggested it was caused by a lightning strike. Storms were in the area around that time.

Officials said residents were evacuated from the complex and no one was injured.

Carlos Chacón, the property manager at Gulf Point Condominiums, told KRGV that the complex was built in 1977.

He estimates that damage will cost $7million.

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