LOCKDOWN: 90% of British people don't want it relaxed

Nine in ten people do not want Boris Johnson to ease the lockdown, a Sun on Sunday poll reveals.

Most are happy to be confined to their homes for a little longer to avoid the risk of coronavirus.

Despite seven weeks of restrictions, only four per cent are in favour of starting a phased return to work now and seven per cent don’t know.

The overwhelming majority are more afraid of a second wave of Covid-19 infections than an economic crash that could cost them their jobs.

Deltapoll survey underlines the scale of the task facing Boris Johnson today as he tries to rally public support for ending restrictions which have so far cost the country £120billion.

It shows eight out of ten people are worried that the lockdown will wreck the economy if it drags on for much longer, with dire consequences for their own livelihoods.

Yet they are in no rush to go back to work and many are prepared to sit it out for as long as it takes.

Half of those in work are content to be stuck indoors indefinitely if their company still pays them or they get 80 per cent of their salary under the government’s furlough scheme.

Only one in 50 believe the restrictions have been in place for too long. Even a slowly phased return to normal gets little support, with just four per cent in favour of a gradual lifting of the lockdown starting this week.

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