Madonna attends birthday party after testing positive for coronavirus antibodies

Madonna made sure she didn't miss out on a friend's birthday party, despite recently testing positive for coronavirus antibodies.

The Like A Virgin singer, 61, attended the bash in person and even hugged and presented her pal Steven Klein with a cake to mark his 55th birthday.

No one at the birthday bash was wearing any protective gear like face masks, despite the worldwide coronavirus crisis.

Madonna's positive test means she has recently been in contact with Covid-19.

Klein's birthday party was livestreamed on the video chatting app Zoom meaning guests could attend it virtually, but defiant Madge was there in person.

One of the people who attended shared a video of Madonna hugging Klein.

They captioned the post: "M made an appearance at Steven Klein's Virtual Birthday Party - such a blast!!

"M called his Bday cake a Covid Cake.

"She's too f**king cute!!! We are living in some crazy tiMes!
"But trying to make the most of it, and still have soMe fun!!! [sic]"

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