Parents oppose plan to reopen schools in Lagos

Some parents in Lagos State have kicked against the reopening of schools in view of the continued spread of the coronavirus in the country.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the parents said it was important for the Federal and state governments to continue to safeguard children from the pandemic.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Federal Government had said it was considering adopting morning and afternoon shifts of classes for reopening of schools.

One of the parents, Mrs Ayobami Ojo, urged the government to allow children to remain at home until containment of the pandemic.

“There is no need for morning and evening classes. Let the children continue to stay safe at home as the virus is increasing every day.

“Children will naturally not be as cautious as adults and schools cannot be compared to markets. Reopening of schools should be considered when confirmed cases drop very well,” Ojo said.

Also, a businesswoman, Mrs Abiodun Aina, who lives at Ayobo, said that children’s lives could be jeopardised when schools resume.

“It is difficult to control adults, let alone children, we should not risk the lives of children. A two-shift option for classes may not stop the spread of the virus. It is better for them to remain at home until COVID -19 subsides or a vaccine is found,” she said.

“Nigerians should stop putting pressure on government to reopen schools. Why are we in a rush? We need to be patient,” Aina said

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