People confuse my toughness for hatred - popular dancer Kaffy

Popular dancer, Kafayat Shafau, aka Kaffy, has said that people are always shocked to hear her speak fluently. She made this known during a recent Instagram Live session with her fans and budding dancers.

She said, “What are the things you have that you want to use in making impact? Is it the way you speak? You are a dancer but (do) you speak beautifully? When I started out as a dancer, I always spoke fluently and because I spoke fluently, that made an impression on those I was talking to. People were shocked that I could speak fluently. I don’t have what it takes to make someone ‘blow’; I can only impart knowledge and try to help you when you ask for it.”

Kaffy also stated that greenhorns in the dance industry often mistook her toughness for hatred. “Some dancers will come and expect me to pat them on the back.

I am not going to pat you on the back because life will not pat you on the back. I will (only) pat you when it is necessary and correct you when it is needed. Sometimes, people confuse your toughness for hatred. I don’t have the capacity to hate.

“If you come to me saying you want to learn how I got to where I am, I would show you the way life showed it to me. My rehearsals are my motivational speaking sessions. Anytime we rehearse, I speak to my dancers. I do it for them to understand my direction and mindset,” she said.

The dance instructor also noted that with the amount of hatred and criticism she had experienced in the industry, she ought to have lost her value. She added, “With the amount of hatred and tongue lashing I have gone through in this industry, I ought to have lost my value.”

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