Why you should make love to your woman during her period

Just the sound of this alone may sound gross to most men but then no experience is a waste. You can’t kill the idea of something you haven’t tried out just because you think it’s gross. 

You are probably wondering right now, “How the hell in this planet does the writer expect me to try such? It’s so gross! I can’t stand the sight of blood”. 

It’s not surprising that most men and even a few women will fall into the category that tag it a taboo to experience love-making during a menstrual cycle. 

Notwithstanding, let’s look at the brighter side of making love to your partner during  her period:

1) Pain Reliever:

According to studies, a good percentage of women experience mild to severe cramps during their menstruation and some go as far as taking medications to help them through their cycle. So if you love partner so much and want to not see them in pain then help them solve the cramps by making love to them during their periods. 

2) Increases bonding

Making love to your partner during her period will increase the bond between you both. It’s like a re-dedication of yourself to your loved one. Just as they say periods are sacred, imagine the depth of love it can add to your relationship. 

3) It tastes better

Experience shows that it is actually sweeter to make love during menstruation because your woman’s body is open and all juiced up to receive you. The Orgasm you experience during menstruation is explosive and unique to come by.

4) It is healthy

Though it raises some logical concerns for starters, no study has shown that it is harmful to your health. In fact, if you’ve been looking for a baby it might just be a good time to get one because a minor percentage of women ovulate during their menstrual cycles. 

5) Educates you

Making love to your partner during her periods helps you learn more about the female reproductive system. You will begin to experience the difference in her body when you swim her waters at such sacred periods. It actually helps you get to know your partner better and appreciate the changes she has to go through monthly. 

Stop thinking about it and start doing it! Make it all fun and you won’t realize anything was on on your way. 

Don’t wait till it’s too late try it out and see the huge difference in your relationship. 

If you feel it’s gross and disgusting simply take a colored towel and place it on the bed where her waist will lean and you won’t even notice anything ever happened when you are done. 

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