27-year old woman who is getting divorced from her 76-year old husband is getting surgeries to be a s.e.x icon

A self-confessed “blonde bimbo” forked a whopping £60,000 on her mission to look like a s.e.x doll.

Sapphire Saint has gone under the knife for three boob jobs, liposuction, a nose job, eye lift, filters and Botox.

The 27-year-old, from LA, California, said her look is partly paid for by cash from her 76-year-old former sugar daddy, who is now her ex-husband.

Thanks to her partner, Sapphire has been able to enlarge her boobs from an A cup to a H, while the procedures on her face are to keep her skin looking baby smooth.

And her plastic surgery obsession has attracted a lot of followers online who adore her as much as her family and friends.

Sapphire said: “My first surgery was paid for by my sugar daddy who wanted me to have a fake look, but now I self-finance because I earn more.

“He and I got married but we are currently in the middle of a divorce. He helped me get out of a bad financial situation but I didn’t have much in common with him because he’s 76 years old.

“I’ve wanted to be a s*x doll for my entire adult life. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a s*x icon and lusted after.

“I would dream about having a sugar daddy and living in Hollywood. I met some people that were into ‘bimbofication’ and I finally understood what was turning me on.

“So far, I’ve had three breast surgeries, a nose job, and an eye job, liposuction in my cheeks – as well as filler and Botox.

“Before my breasts were an A cup but now, I’m a busty 30H and I plan on going bigger. I have what are called ‘expanders’ which means I can fill them up by 250cc each month."

Sapphire has daily hypnosis sessions which form part of her four-hour routine she goes through to get ready for the day.

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