After defiling me, suspect gave me P2 and took me to a witchdoctor, girl s.e.xually abused for a week says

The 17-year-old who was defiled for one week by a 25-year-old bar attendant from Kerita area in Kesses Constituency, Uasin Gishu County Kenya says her aggressor forced her to take emergency contraceptive pills, and even took her to a witchdoctor to “protect them against being found by the girl’s parents”.

“After defiling me repeatedly for a few days, he took me to a witchdoctor’s den and asked the herbalist to give him ‘medicine’ that would make it hard for my parents to find me.

The witchdoctor gave him some herbs, promising him (suspect) that it will keep my father — who is a truck driver — away from home.
My assailant thereafter, while threatening me, walked me back to the lodging and continued defiling me. After every three days of the week, he gave me P2 pills to take,” the victim told K24 Digital.

Police on Tuesday, June 2, arrested the 25-year-old man accused of defiling the 17-year-old girl after locking her up in a self-contained lodge room for one week.

Elphas Kiprotich, an attendant at Blasco Bar in Kerita, Kesses Constituency was arrested after the girl’s mother filed a report at Cheptiret Police Station saying her teenage daughter had been s.e.x.ually abused by the suspect.

According to the minor’s mother, her child went missing on Saturday, May 23 and returned home on Sunday, May 31.

The girl, a Form Two student at a local secondary school, allegedly told her parent that on May 23, she met Kiprotich on her way home.

The suspect is alleged to have asked the victim to join him at his work station – Blasco Bar – where he offered her a soft drink mixed with alcohol.

After the minor was intoxicated, Kiprotich is alleged to have carried her to one of the lodge rooms at Blasco Bar.

The girl is said to have told her mother that the suspect threatened to harm her if she screamed or alerted anyone about her ordeal.

The teenager said Kiprotich would force himself on her every single day of the week that she was confined. The s.e.x, she said, was unprotected.

“Throughout the seven days that he locked me up in the lodging, he would bring me food and drinking water. He also threatened to harm me should I let anyone know what he was doing to me,” the girl told police.

The teenager said the suspect allowed her to go home on Sunday, May 31. “He, however, warned me against narrating my ordeal to anyone, lest he come after me”.

The minor’s mother accuses Kapkoi assistant chief of conspiring with Kiprotich to pervert the course of justice.

“It took pressure from children’s rights activists and a medical report confirming that my child had been s.e.x.ually penetrated for the suspect to be arrested,” said the teenager’s mother.

Police say investigations into the matter are ongoing, and that the suspect will be arraigned.

Meanwhile, the minor has been enrolled for guidance and counselling sessions at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret.

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