Anthony Enahoro Mary Shares Stunning Photos of her pretty self

With the arrays of impacts created by iconic young ladies and women across Nigeria, undergraduate of University of Abuja and Model, Anthony Enahoro Mary  has kept the fire of success burning, as she continues to make and take remarkable steps at advancing her modelling career and her passion for Law career.

As a committed law student, Mary has maintained an overwhelming dominance and has carved a niche for herself in her faculty and modelling. Hailing from Delta state and from a well appointed background, Mary Enahoro has never declined in her undaunted commitments towards bigger and greater opportunities.

The vibrant and delectable young lady and Model had nurtured the dreams and ambitions of becoming one of the most notable legal practitioners and models of her times since her formative years. She will be under the Management of Amity Global Network, an award winning PR organization, known for its promotional capacity and image branding.

The 19 years old had recently shared stunning photos of herself, which was released via her  social media pages few days ago. Anthony Enahoro Mary Peace Isioma has been described as a fast rising icon of feminism, an Ideal brand ambassador for agencies and a potential mentor to several younger ladies in Nigeria.

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