Beautiful Black couple get married during peaceful protests in Philadelphia

There have been some really heartwarming images from the Black Lives Matter protests from around the world recently.

One couple really took it away when they decided to get married and join a large peaceful demonstration in their home town.

Dr. Kerry Anne Perkins and Michael Gordon had their nuptials at Logan Hotel in Philadelphia and stepped outside near the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Center City.

When they came across a large group of protestors who cheered for the couple, the newlyweds decided to join in on the protests.

Videos of the couple standing hand in hand in the middle of the demonstration have been shared on social media where users lauded the sweet moment.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the newly married couple then marched with the protestor group towards City Hall to demand justice for George Floyd.

While the husband and wife shared an intimate moment, crowds around them could be seen holding signs saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Black Lives > White Feelings’.

A video of Kerry and Michael was also shared on Twitter by law professor Rachel Lopez who wrote: ‘The power of love on so many levels’.

The clip has been viewed more than five million times as users spread the joy of Black love.

Many shared congratulatory messages online, saying: ‘Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Such a touching display of love at a time when it’s desperately needed.’

Others wrote: ‘What a beautiful expression of love and hope for the future,’ and ‘love and happiness is radiating from them with overwhelming power! Such a beautiful moment and couple.’

One person wrote that Kerry and Michael had been a part of making history.

He wrote: ‘Fast forward 16 years to when their kids are studying the transformative impacts of the 2020 BLM protests in their U.S History class and are assigned a project.’

Kerry and Michael did plan to have a bigger wedding, in New Jersey, according to their honeymoon fund.

The happy couple had set up a Honeyfund where their loved ones can sign up to send them gifts.

They wrote on the page: ‘We’re blessed to already have a home full of everything we need, so please enjoy browsing this wish list, where you can contribute to our dream honeymoon!’

We wish the couple a lifetime of happiness.

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