Family demands JUSTICE over radio presenter’s death in church during childbirth

The family of Seun Olorunto, whose remains were recovered from a Cherubim and Seraphim Church located at No. 3B Bayo Ajao Street, Aboru, Lagos State, has demanded justice for her death.

Punch Metro had reported that a prophetess in the church, Evelyn Owoleke (real name Tawakalitu Okedunmola), was arrested in connection with the radio presenter’s death during childbirth on the church’s premises.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, had said in a statement that Olorunto was found in a pool of her own blood when detectives visited the church, adding that the corpse was deposited in a mortuary for autopsy and the baby was taken to hospital for treatment.

Olorunto’s mother, Oluwaseyi Agbolade, said the prophetess accommodated the presenter with the Faaji FM radio station against her will, adding that when the leader of the Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church in Aboru questioned her about it, she denied the allegation.

Oluwaseyi stated, “Tawakalitu told me that she heard that I sent my pregnant daughter away from home and she wanted my daughter to move in with her, but I refused and told her that I never sent her out and that what happened was that my daughter and her three children were staying in a room that my father gave me, but when her husband returned from South Africa and wanted to be living in that same room, I encouraged him to secure an apartment to accommodate his family.

“I later discovered that my daughter had started living in Tawakalitu’s church against my will and I told the prophetess that I didn’t want her there. I even reported the prophetess to the leader of the Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church in Aboru, Adeyemi Oyebade, to prevail on her to allow my child to leave the church, but she denied that Olorunto was staying with her, but a delegation that was sent to her church saw my daughter there.

“Later, Tawakalitu called my younger brother to inform him that Olorunto had been delivered of a baby, but she collapsed in the process of childbirth and I told her that she must wake her up, because I never approved her staying in the church.”

Olorunto’s niece, Jolayemi Olaleye, while blaming Tawakalitu for the presenter’s death, said when the prophetess was arrested, she gave the police a fake name to conceal her identity.

She said, “Tawakalitu never reported the incident to the police or showed us a death certificate. So, I went to report the case at the Oke-Odo Police Station and a policewoman followed us to the church, where I saw my niece’s corpse in a car. When I asked for the prophetess, no one answered me.

“They lied that Olorunto died in the car; we were told that she gave birth in the morning and there was no blood in the car; her clothe was also not soaked in water or blood; I also saw strange marks on her mouth; so I knew that something was wrong. I asked for the baby, the placenta and the clothes used in taking delivery of the baby, but when no one could provide what I asked for, I insisted that Tawakalitu must follow us to the station, but her sister volunteered to go with us.

“We later went back to the church with another IPO and three people were arrested; when we returned to the station, we saw Tawakalitu and the baby there. The prophetess and I were told to write statements; she wasn’t remorseful about what happened to my niece; instead, she was boasting that she knew people. I want the police to help us get justice so that my niece won’t die in vain.”

In a follow-up reaction, Elkana said, “We are waiting for the autopsy report to determine the next line of action. The investigation is still ongoing and the prophetess is in our custody.”

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