Killing of virgins in Nigeria, a sign of end time - Abiara

Prophet Samuel Kayode Abiara, a retired General Evangelist Worldwide of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) has said killing of virgins in Nigeria is a sign of end time.

He also spoke about the pandemic saying it is nothing anyone should fret about, because it is not new, but instead go back to God and pray. He made all these known in an interview with Gbenga Aderanti.

We are told that the coronavirus pandemic will be around for a long time. How does that sound to you?

Covid-19 is not a new thing. Epidemics had happened many times in the past. Even before the birth of Jesus Christ, there were epidemics. It is not a new thing. History tells us that when the smallpox epidemic broke out, it killed millions of people. Cholera, Lassa fever, Ebola, malaria all killed many.

It is a signal to all the people of the world. Christ Jesus talks about the end of this age in Matthew 24. At the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, you will hear rumours of wars and many incidents will continue to happen. Epidemics will break out. There will be fake prophecies and fake prophets. It is the word of Jesus Christ manifesting.

It is one of the signs of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is not something we should fret about.

You say we should not worry but scientists have said we should be ready to live with it. What is the way out? What should be the roles of clerics in this critical time?

The Bible does not put us in darkness concerning this. In Isaiah 45:7, God says I form the light and create darkness; I make peace and create evil. I the Lord do all these things. I’m still the same God. If that is the case, we must still go back to that same God and pray to Him; appeal to Him to deliver us from this pandemic. God will surely answer our prayer.

He said call upon me in the day of trouble and I will answer you (Psalm 50:14-15). At a time like this, we need to gather together and pray unto God and God will answer our prayer. When the enemies wrote a letter to Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah, that they were coming to fight him, Jehoshaphat called all the people, the men, the women and the children, they all prayed unto God and God fought for them.

We need to pray to God Almighty. Only God can solve the problem. Scientists have tried, doctors have tried, they did not find a solution to the problem. It is a manifestation that God has absolute power over everything, so we have to return to Him.

Of late, killing of young virgins has been on the rise. What do you think is responsible for this?

That was what Jesus Christ was talking about when he talked about signs and end of this age and signs that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming.

Because He said in Matthew 24:12 that sins will be rampant. I just finished a sermon online. The present world is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. It is sad that people no longer fear God.

They kill at will and do so many bad things. They cut and sell human parts at very ridiculous prices. It is a sign of the end of times. That is why people must be careful and move closer to God.

People now r-pe. Fathers are r-ping their daughters. That is an abomination. That was what they did in Sodom and Gomorrah.

To stem this tide, we need to pray more and government needs to do something about this. My advice to government is that the judicial process must be hastened. Cases drag for too long in courts. That should not be.

Aside that, some of the criminals get light sentences and this tends to encourage others to commit crime. Imagine the case of a kidnapping suspect dragging for four or five years and government continues to spend money on these suspects. In 1984, the capital punishment that was in place discouraged many of these criminals from committing crimes.

For many years CAC was factionalised with members belonging to different camps. Recently, efforts were made to bring the church under one umbrella. When is the process going to be concluded and what should we expect?

We thank God that church is making efforts and the president, Pastor Abraham Olukunle Akinosun, is making efforts to bring the church together. I believe everything is settled. Very soon, you will hear officially from the church that everything is settled.

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