Nigerians call out Niara Marley for hosting Abuja concert amid the pandemic

Naira Marley is currently trending on twitter and it's because he held a concert yesterday in Abuja.

The concert which is supposed to be a drive-in one was later turned into a 'proper' concert as his fans snubbed social distancing to dance to show off their dancing skills and have fun.

The singer flew into Abuja with former Big Brother Naija ‘Pepper Dem’ housemate, Kim Oprah who was billed to host the concert. See reactions of Nigerians below...

@OlisaOsega “I know Naira Marley stays in Lagos and not Abuja. How did he fly to Abuja when there’s still a travel ban in Nigeria?

@EzraelAni “They restricted inter state travel yet Naira Marley still found a way to teleport himself and his team from Lagos to Abuja.”

@Therenike Naira Marley managed to escape the first time from that funke issue ,now he went to invite problem again

@OgaChuka “The Naira Marley concert was a drive in concert.It was moving smoothly and éverybody was behaving normal until Naira Marley came on stage then the Marlians in them jumped out.Playnetwork should have known better that Marlians won’t behave normal for long.”

@CocoMoneek Naira Marley organized a concert in Abuja amidst this pandemic and hundreds of people still went despite the rules of social gathering. I don’t know what some of these Nigerian celebrities stand for tbh.

@Mistakobz “Naira Marley did not force anybody to attend the concert. what is the work of FCT Authorities?. The organizer should be held responsible for this action!

@Niyih “Disappointed is putting it lightly. The Naira Marley concert lastnight is everything a drawback in the fight against Covid19.”

@TheDamorela “Nigeria’s data of pandemic positive case is nearing 20,000 but authorities in the Abuja allowed a concert to take place under it’s nose?With Naira Marley performing and plenty party lovers? This country na cruise.”

@_OberSegzy “How did this even happen and he is still roaming the streets of Nigeria free.This is a spit on the government, Someone breaks the law, apprehend him.”

@_Shola “Naira Marley is a pandemic on his own. Should be arrested.”

@OmoIyaWaec “Naira Marley had a concert with people packed to the brim in the middle of a global pandemic. We are truly lawless.”

@baby_yewee Naira Marley o, the organizers o, the people that attended o, all of them are mad.

@EfeOkedi “This guy apologised for attending a party in Lagos and was pardoned by the court, and now this. Where was the task force guy that seemed to know all the verses in the Bible and Qur’an? Very irresponsible musician and attendees.”

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