Watch moment heroic police smashed jewelry robbers off their bikes following high speed chase

This is the moment Norwegian police hunting two robbers on mopeds race them through a crowded park in central Oslo before smashing them off their bikes.

The nail-biting pursuit happened after the two thieves raided a capital city jewellery store in broad daylight.

Dressed head-to-toe in black, one robber, still wearing a helmet, barges into the shop waving a gun at terrified staff as the other reverses the moped into sliding doors to keep the entrance clear.

CCTV footage shows a robber ushering a terrified shop worker who holds his hands above his heads into a corner.

The robbers, armed with hammers, smash their way into glass cabinets as they cram their getaway bags with luxury watches and jewellery during the heist.

Unbeknownst to the robbers, a worker had managed to raise the alarm as police scrambled to the scene.

Separate footage shows officers dressing themselves in protective gear and bulletproof vests before embarking on their hunt.

As the robbers prepare their escape one fires a warning shot into the ceiling before fleeing on the back of the bike.

An officer can be heard in dashcam footage from a police patrol car, with its sirens blaring, telling colleagues to 'search and secure but evacuate the area' as they hunt the robbers down busy Oslo streets.

As the police car passes Vulkan, in Grünerløkka, officers suddenly spot the thieves through a gap in the trees as they race through Kuba Park.

The driver swerves the police vehicle onto the pavement and into the park.

They race down the paths in a desperate bid to reach the thieves, as one officer asks: 'Should I run them over?', and another responds 'Yes, yes, run them over'.

The police car accelerates and is mere inches from hitting the back wheel before an officer notices a pedestrian and shouts 'Watch out!'

The brakes are slammed and the robbers are given an added few seconds to speed away as they soar across a bridge.

But the officers are hot on their tails and quickly catch up.

The driver attempts to throw the police off by suddenly veering right and up a narrow path, but the police car is right behind.

The police car appears to go over a bump as it launches through the air and collides with the jewellery store thieves.

The robbers are knocked into a huge mound of debris as officers jump out the vehicle and scream 'Don't move! Don't move!'

Black smoke - believed to be from the crushed moped - fills the air as the police shout a warning at the robbers not to touch the pistol.

The robbers ere arrested and taken into custody by police, where they admitted to the crimes.

The footage was released as part of the robbers' trial which kicked off their week, according to local media Dagbladet.

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