Female American Air Force officer is slammed for saying s.e.x.u.a.l harassment is the price women have to pay for joining the army

A female Air Force Lt. Col. has been slammed for suggesting murdered soldier Vanessa Guillen deserved to be s3xually harassed because it's 'the price of admission' for women in the army and 'if you're gonna cry like a snowflake about it, you're gonna pay the price'.

Air Force Lt. Col. Betsy Schoeller made the shocking comments on a Facebook thread where another person had shared an article about the missing soldier being bludgeoned to death shortly after telling family and friends she was being sexually harassed by a superior.

Schoeller, who is now a senior lecturer at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, hit out at other social media users who expressed sympathy for Guillen.

'You guys are kidding, right? Sexual harassment is the price of admission for women into the good ole boy club,' the military veteran wrote.

'If you're gonna cry like a snowflake about it, you're gonna pay the price.'

Schoeller's comments came just hours after the attorney for Guillen's devastated family released information that the 20-year-old Fort Hood soldier had been bludgeoned to death with a hammer in the armory room where she worked.

Her post, which has since been deleted, sparked outrage from other social media users and a Change.org petition is demanding she be fired from her position at the University of Wisconsin.

'Incredible - I can't believe what I'm reading. Where does she get off saying something like that?! This woman was bludgeoned, hacked up and buried in a shallow grave!' wrote one outraged social media user.

Others blasted her for being part of the problem with entrenched sexual harassment of women in the armed forces.

'This is like the whole “girls can’t wear revealing clothing because men can’t control their urges” on a whole other level,' another person wrote on Facebook.

'Gahhhh so many swear words are flying around my head.'

A fellow veteran agreed that Schoeller's response encourages harassment taking place.

'I spent literally half my career handling sexual assault/harassment charges for sailors,' they said.

'Leaders like her not only encourage harassment, they protect predators. This is not a mentality she left with her uniform. She brought it with her.'

Several people pointed out her high rank, saying she had a responsibility to tackle issues of harassment within the Air Force.

In one image from 2012, the lieutenant colonel is pictured meeting Michelle Obama during a visit from the then-First Lady to meet with family members of the victims of a Sikh temple shooting.

Guillen was last seen alive at the Fort Hood Army Base in Killeen, Texas, on April 22 after telling her family she was being harassed by a sergeant.

Her partial remains were finally found Tuesday near the Leon River in Bell County - more than two months after her disappearance.

An FBI criminal complaint released Thursday identified 20-year-old US Army Specialist Aaron Robinson murdered her by striking her in the head with a hammer on Fort Hood on April 22.

Robinson committed suicide Wednesday, just hours after Guillen's body was discovered.

He fled Fort Hood Tuesday night before he could be arrested by Army criminal investigators and shot himself when officials caught up with him a few miles from the base early Wednesday morning.

As authorities tried to confront him, he killed himself.

'As officers attempted to make contact with the suspect, the suspect displayed a weapon and discharged it toward himself. The suspect succumbed from a self-inflicted gunshot wound,' the Killeen Police Department said.

Cecily Aguilar, 22, the estranged wife of a Fort Hood soldier, has been arrested and charged with helping Robinson dismember and dispose of Guillen's body.

She has been charged with one count of conspiracy to tamper with evidence and could face 20 years in jail and a $250,000 fine if convicted.

According to the FBI complaint, Robinson told Aguilar he killed Guillen and moved her body off to a remote site in Bell County.

Robinson and Aguilar then disposed of her body.

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