Kiki Mordi denies threatening D’banj’s accuser

BBC Africa Eye Reporter Kiki Mordi has responded to the accusation of being part of a group that allegedly sent threats to Seyitan Babatayo who accused singer D’banj of r.a.p.e.

An activist Segun Awosanya popularly known on Twitter as Segalink took to the platform on Saturday to accuse Ms Mordi of threatening Ms Babatayo and himself.

“Kiki Mordi is playing the role of the hitman under the auspices of the Coven sending threats to Seyitan and myself. We have it all on record,” he wrote.

“It will end in premium tears for her & their coven, and she will be revealed for the monster that she’s become on this agenda. #EndRape.”

In response, Mordi said Mr Awosanya knew what to do if she committed a crime against him.

“Guys I’m blocked by Sega I definitely can’t see the tantrums he’s throwing. I wish him peace. In the meantime, he has my number and email and if I have committed a crime against him surely a man like Sega would know what to do,” she wrote.

“In case you’re wondering what my response to anything he’s saying is; if you didn’t hear from me or a statement signed by me, it’s not my truth.”

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