Meet the 32-year-old man who looks 14

Many people will love to look half their age but a 32-year-old man Denis Vashurin who looks like a teenager did not ask for this.

According to his birth certificate, he was born in 1987 but a look at him will have you convinced that he is not a day older than 14.

He has found himself a social media sensation in Russia after doing an interview with popular YouTube personality “Vasya na sene”.

Many have been left amazed at his youthful looks and even he admits that he always gets reactions of disbelief when he tells people his age.

That’s why he prefers living in a small village in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region, instead of moving to the city. Everybody knows him there, and he gets to spend time alone doing what he likes – hunting, fishing and spending time with his girlfriend.

Speaking during his interview with Vasya, Denis revealed that his parents noticed he was not like other children at a very young age. He was always the smallest one in his age group, but that really didn’t bother him in the beginning. He was a very active child – some would even say hyperactive – he could do all the things the other kids could, and he never had to face any bullying.

As he grew older, the differences became more distinct and by the time get reached his teens, it was as if he had stopped aging.

In his high-school graduation photo, he looked like a child among fully-grown young adults.

“When I realized that I would no longer change physically, at first I felt somewhat uneasy,” Denis said. “I thought about how everything would be, how my life would go on, whether it would be hard for me.”

He has managed to live a generally normal life but there are times when he still has to prove his age.

He recalls an incident with traffic police who suspected he forged his driver’s license. After confirming his age, the traffic policeman started making jokes about how young he looked, which he found inappropriate.

“Why do I have to explain something to someone every time?” the indignant 32-year-old asked rhetorically.

Although he looks young, his body ages at the same rate as other people his age. As for his personality, his friends and his girlfriend actually call him “grandpa”.

“I’m a bore, I’m stubborn, I’m lethargic, like a bear during hibernation,” Denis explained with a laugh.

The 32-year-old has been dating his girlfriend for four years now. Luckily, they’ve known each other for a long time, so he didn’t have to prove his real age to her.

Another thing Denis has to deal with because of his youthful appearance is being judged by just his looks.

“You cannot live my life,” he said. “You do not know how you would live in my body, in my situation, what kind of person you would become. Therefore, do not judge.”

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