NIGERIA I WEEP FOR THEE - Chioma R. Onyekaba


... It is obviously time for everyone to Lend a voice of truth and an act of concern in order to save our nation!

Nigeria has remained trapped in a time of warp and this generation has chosen to remain a supermarket for Nigerian Politics.

There comes a time in a man's life when delay certainly becomes a pretty bad option. The challenges of old age, the treasures of the youths, the tussle for power, the undiluted love for money, the love and hatred for one another and then the single enemy – “Death”. These are the things that I cannot fathom. There was a good time once when democracy was without twin and justice was truly a friend. This country used to blossom like a flower but now it stings like a bee. Old age used to have a sense of calmness and freedom, but now we fret at the mere presence of old memories. It is just possible that we are living at the dawn of a new age filled with lots of new things to teach us. Many call it “end time” but I call it the birth of a “new age”.

Nigeria's two core ideas of Democracy and Peace are catching flames all over the world today just like the disturbing odor of stored feces after delivery. Nigeria, the “Giant of Africa”, has the potential to achieve enormous good having gained a pre-eminence in economic, political, military, cultural, and scientific influences that has not been shattered totally but has rather grown and expanded for the best through the years. Putting all these forces together, one could lift future generations to the distant, sunny, upland where people can celebrate with the fullness of joy; their triumphant entry into a world of oneness. But progress will neither be sure nor inevitable because the major parts of it will rest solely upon the quality of leaders we have finally produced in the ninth national Assembly.

Let us prepare ourselves ahead of 2023 to exercise our human rights by using our votes as voices to liberate our nation from the shackles of bad leadership that are working constantly to see the end of the word “NIGERIA”.

We hope you enjoy reading our special edition as we continue to pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for all our leaders. Amen.

Happy Reading!

Chioma Rosemary Onyekaba
Publisher/Editor-in-Chief -All Times Global Magazine

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