The fallacy behind the fight against corruption - Chioma Rosemary Onyekaba

Nigerians have talent which if allowed to come to the limelight could be used to proffer solutions to our current predicament but due to fact that the right opportunities to act never come to the right people in our country; this very accomplishment may continue to elude us. The reason for these I believe is because the right Polices never have the right following and the right theory never have the practice in our dear country.

I look around again, this time deeper and what I discover is that we have moved from the right to the wrong and as a cause of this have missed our route and are now floundering in the wilderness of history. In saying this, I am not saying anything new because, for a very long, we all have become aware of our loss of national direction. The most painful part of this whole discovery is that even though we are aware of the lack of uniformity, we have chosen to rather abandon ourselves to our disappointment and wallow in despair instead of saving the situation. Many of us have even fabricated scapegoats and designated “whipping boys” upon whom we sublimate our frustration yet we are left wondering in the wilderness like sheep without shepherds.

In a situation like this, I’d be wrong if I speak with anything less than candor. It is my opinion that the true beginning of our loss of direction as a nation can be traced to the fabricated and installation of multiple imbalances in our political system. It is this very act that betrayed our struggle against colonialism, and it is this same act that has created the situation which has ably been exploited and which continues to be exploited to our mutual detriment.

If in our wisdom or lack of wisdom we choose to create a vacuum in leadership, let us not blame the courageous and enterprising person who seizes power and controls the whirlpool of political infighting. Every national effort, when carefully analyzed, shows clearly, that the motivating interest is either a conspiracy to steal power or an attempt to hijack our credulous citizenry. We have made gestures rather than taken action. We are witnesses to the constant swings in our national debates from one extreme to another like the veritable pendulum of a chronometer. Yesterday we opted for a democracy of the Westminster pattern, then we swung to the Whitehouse pattern and today again we are insisting that capitalism must yield ground to socialism.

The desirable see-saw of Nigerians political interaction cannot take place if the sheer weight of one participant continues to ensure at any given time, that one end of the bar remains firmly rooted to the ground. The fact is that our deliverance lies in our own hands for it has been said and it is very true that heaven helps those who help themselves.

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Source: All Times Global Magazine

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