Obiano's wife deserves more than a slap - Esilonu

Obiano’s Wife deserved what she got from Bianca

With that beautiful parting gift, IYOM BIANCA is generous!

Not even the husband of the beneficiary would have made the many silly nonsense remarks to a woman who stood by her late husband and begot APGA.

But you didn't know how the party was formed and the sacrifices invested.

If there was no Bianca, the founder of the party may not see the motivation for such.

If it was to be many of these Pentecostal churches, at the demise of her husband, Bianca would have presided over or acquired the party.

It's this same party of her sweat, u knew nothing about that made u the first lady, then u went gaga!

This is the woman you stood before her in the midst of dignitaries, questioned and mocked her presence even lashed at her all manners of derogatory names in such an epoch-making occasion of the state, not considering it's ur husband's handover day and must be honored and respected!

If u believed Bianca could have been absent on such an occasion could u also believe she was present without a special invitation from his excellency Prof Soludo, the celebrant?

You refused to think and frowned at reason, then rushed into the bush for just a slap?

Even when that piece of the slap was not enough to console your verbal assaults, she still generously dashed you the little.

She is not just Iyom Bianca.

Whether life or dead, IKEMBA NDIGBO GWURUGWURU, deserves respect.

So u are not also aware she is the wife of DIM?

If more slap bridles an unbridled tongue, then it was low in supply!

Esilonu C Esilonu

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