2023 Election: Enugu west APC senatorial candidate, Prof. Nick Ezeh promises to resuscitate Oji-River power station

Enugu west APC senatorial candidate, Prof. Nick Ezeh promises to resuscitate Oji-River power station
The APC senatorial candidate for Enugu west senatorial district, Nick Ezeh, has emphasized that his zeal to represent the people at the Senate was not for money making but to attract development and industries to the district.

Ezeh, who disclosed this while hosting a group of media professionals from Greater Awgu known as Greater Awgu Media Professionals, made up of practicing journalists from the old Awgu Local Government Area, in his hometown Inyi in Oji-River local government recently, promised to change the narrative if voted into office in 2023 .

He lamented that Enugu west has all it takes to attract investors but blamed the poor development experienced in the district on to lack of unity, poor political will, and poor representations by the past leaders of the zone.

Ezeh pointed out that the Oji-River power station was before now supplying power to the entire South East and beyond, and that it is not renovated today because of the poor vision and lack of unity among the past leaders of the zone.

He said that the powerhouse in Oji-River if it were renovated could have served as an attractive investment to investors. He also said that it would not only have increased Enugu state's industrialization but also made Enugu west an investment zone.

He said that the people of Greater Awgu have great potential yet to be tapped, “I find it difficult to see how we have been able to explore and harness the potential inherent in Greater Awgu political divide,” he said.

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He pointed to the serene and attractive Mmaku, Awgu topography, describing same as beautiful, but lamented that successive representatives made no conscious efforts to turn nature’s gift into a gold mine.

According to him, his interest was to expose the people of the zone to so many available opportunities across the globe for their benefit and he regretted that those before him that had the opportunity with the mandate given to them didn’t show interest.

“It is our responsibility to expose our people to the opportunities elsewhere, especially abroad,” Ezeh said.“When I came back to this country, my first plan was to train 50 graduates from my community, but I didn’t succeed but at least I trained 20 graduates,” the next thing was that opportunities that are bound all over the world that we have seen, how do we let our people see these opportunities?”

He said that some of the things he said he would do in his manifesto were out of the personal experience. “When I talk about institutions, I know what an institution can do in a community; now why do we have so many universities in Enugu and we don’t have even one in five Local government areas of greater Awgu?”

The Professor of Political Science made it clear that a Senator’s Signature is an authority to break barriers and bring smiles to the faces of constituents.

For Professor Nick Ezeh, some of those who occupied such exalted positions in the past lost focus; instead, they used their offices negatively, to witch-hunt others.

He explained that the office he seeks is a platform to do good, to encourage teamwork, and indeed to continue his service for humanity.

Chairman of Greater Awgu Media Professionals, Regis Anukwuoji earlier told the APC Senatorial Candidate that the group was not partisan, but that “we are only interested in the overall development of Greater Awgu.”

He said the group had before now set up a research committee that went around all three local governments and came up with some challenges.

“So, we are here on a mission to discuss all of that and be abreast of what you have in stock, your intentions for the people. We will be pleased if whoever will represent the people should look at those areas,” he said.

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