The National Peace Revival Summit is a project which has come into existence to direct people’s attention to the importance of peace in a society and the need for a sustainable development in a country. This project therefore is a platform for public debate, lecture and community mobilization on the various approaches to strengthen peace building in Nigeria.


Nigeria since 1999 when it transited into democratic governance has experienced various ethnical and religious violence of a very high degree. About 2 million lives have been lost, while properties worth billions of naira destroyed. The relative peace that the country was known for before and after independence disappeared; and woes of destruction surfaced. Economic and social lives of people have been jeopardized due to the incessant crisis arising as a result of religious and ethnical discrimination and extremism, hate and intolerance among others. Due to this social menace, Christians and Muslims have seen one another as dare enemies as they no longer respect and tolerate one another. Living at ease in diversity is now a culture past as everyone is scared of the BOKO HARAM GROUP and unsure of the exact participants. The consequence however, is the indiscriminate killing and destruction of lives and properties as we have seen in the northern parts of the country. Today, economic and social activities in that region have been totally grounded. Government on their own part can no longer single-handedly guarantee the safety of lives and properties in this region.

Resurgences of this violence in other parts of the country need much to be desired. The South/South and the South East whose indigenes are mostly affected result into cold wars of hate, religion and racial discrimination against the Muslims. Subsequently, resurgences in the South Western Nigeria are well pronounced.

Today, it is no longer fallacy that Nigeria is the most populated nation in Africa with abundant human and material resources with about 270 ethnic groups and languages. Hence if care is not taken, the African economy would no longer strive. Due to this fact and after a careful study and analysis of the Nigerian situation, our organization has decided to hold this peace summit in the six geo-political zones in Nigeria in order to assist our leaders in their pursuit for peace. This also will help assist our Present government in their Transformation Agenda. Our major concern now is to evolve a frame-work for the effective and efficient management of the crisis by joining heads together to explore alternative peace possibilities in Nigeria.

Against the background of the antecedent of insurgency in the recent past and currently which poses as a threat to the unity of our dear nation, and leaving us all in a chaotic state of mind and mentality, as every citizen of Nigeria from the six geo-political zones of the nation now sleeps and carry out their daily endeavors with one eye open not undermining the dreaded sectarian group ‘Boko Haram’ agenda which is to destabilize the peace and unity of our which our Nation is built upon. As part of the effort to ensure that the peace of Nigeria remains solid and ever blazing, The Face of Democracy Advocate Queen- Miss Onyekaba Chioma Rosemary, deems it fit out of her patriotic concern to ensure that peace continues to reign consistently in Nigeria thereby undertaking the task to champion:

Across the Six Geo-political Zones of Nigeria with the theme: ‘’EXPLORING ALTERNATVE PEACE POSSIBILITIES IN NIGERIA’’.